Future of Science Communication

Dr Eric Jensen and Prof Alexander Gerber discuss the Future of Science Communication in light of their “Evidence-Based Science Communication” commentary published in Frontiers in Communication.

Section Timestamps

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 6:38 – Defining Objectives; Defining Change
  • 14:47 – Confidence for Change
  • 23:51 – Communication Strategy and Objectives
  • 27:12 – Evaluation and Critical Reflection
  • 40:45 – Efficiency: Funding and Resources
  • 44:30 – “Good Science Communication”
  • 52:40 – Final Thoughts

2019 Dublin Workshop

Future of Science Communication” was a workshop co-organised by Methods for Change and Institute for Methods Innovation (IMI) during the 2019 SCI:COM conference at Science Gallery Dublin.


Future of Science Communication
Eric Jensen

Future of Science Communication Part II
Eric Jensen

Mythbusting Science Communication
Alexander Gerber

How to Design Impact Evaluation Surveys
Eric Jensen

Designing for Equity
Mairéad Hurley

Entrepreneurship Skills for Science Communicators
Aaron Jensen

Networking for Success
Mairéad Hurley


Eric Jensen
Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Methods Innovation

Alexander Gerber
Professor of Sci-Comm at Rhine-Waal University

Karen O’Flaherty
European Space Agency Science Communicator

Eric Kennedy
Professor of Disaster and Emergency Management at York University

Aaron Jensen
Research Fellow in Science Education, Trinity College Dublin

Mairéad Hurley
Education and Learning Manager, Science Gallery Dublin

Brian Trench
President, Public Communication of Science and Technology network

Margie McCarthy
Head of Education and Public Engagement at Science Foundation Ireland